My son told me that he wanted to be a “Knight of Olde” for his book character day at school, so I took up the challenge.  After perusing many sites, I decided to go with a tunic and cape costume.  Off to the the fabric store I went and purchased a yard of black felt, silver duct tape, silver fabric paint and silver glitter ribbon.  I spent a whopping $16.

I started with the tunic. I measured my son across the shoulders and added 2 inches to each side. I then measured just below his waist and folded the fabric to that length and made the necessary cuts. At the center of the top fold I cut out a diamond shape for the neckline. I then edged the entire thing with silver duct tape. Yes, you read that right. Silver duct tape. To make sure it adhered I STAPLED it. Yes, this is a no sew costume. I then used the silver fabric paint and freehanded a design on the front.  I put small holes in the tunic at the waist line and threaded the ribbon through so I could secure the tunic in place.

The cape is the same. I folded the top at an angle for a “collar” and yes, stapled it in place. Then I trimmed the entire thing with silver duct tape, and yes, stapled that in place.  I found a simple Dragon head emblem, cut it out and traced it on the back. Then I painted it in with the silver fabric paint.

The helmet, well we had a gladiator helmet from the Dollar store.  They can’t cover their face so I pulled the face mask up, and it made a point. I secured it in place with, yes, duct tape, and covered the whole thing in tin foil and silver duct tape. I used some of the remaining black felt to make a “cowl” which I lined with black duct tape and then secured inside the helmet with more duct tape.

We had a blue foam shield, but that wouldn’t do! So I covered it with tin foil and silver duct tape and then used the same dragon stencil from the cape for the shield. The rest of the costume is black sweatpants (I covered the white stripes with black duct tape) and a black shirt and black basketball shoes that we already had.

So $16, and 4 hours later I had a pretty snazzy looking “Black Knight”. I honestly had trouble finding any “easy” solutions online to make this costume, so I kind of winged it. I am very happy with how it turned out and my 9 year old is THRILLED.  Red Green was right, you really CAN fix anything with duct tape!