My son has always been mature for his age.  On his 3rd Halloween he kept asking to watch Edward Scissorhands.  Finally agreed.  Two years later (this Halloween) he asked if I could dress him as Edward.  I agreed and here we are.  We did a simple black pant and black shirt, added a few studded belts around his chest area and made him custom ‘scissorhands’ with plastic knives and silver spray paint.

As we went house to house while trick-or-treating, he would pretend to cut the shrubs with his scissorhands.

He played the part so well and had so much fun.

Everyone who answered the doors said it was ‘the best’ costume that they had seen all night and some even asked to take his picture.
One woman even said that next year she was going to make herself an Edward Scissorhands costume.

Bottom line is that we had a ton of fun, spent very little on the costume and had a happy trick-or-treater.