By far the easiest part of this simple and easy dark Phoenix Costume was buying the red catsuit as the base of it all. Afterwards, I went to my local fabric store and purchase gold Lycra fabric.  Using the computer, I found a photo of the phoenix and hand drew the emblem onto the fabric and cut it out. I put the cat suit on to find out exactly where the emblem should fall and safety pinned it to me  (be careful to not safety pin it to your bra like I did the first time).

Once the emblem was on I started working on the arms, I measured the length from my elbow to my wrist and cut out fabric. Make sure that you cut them in a V shape or you won’t be able to pull them all the way up.  I used plain black boots when I went out with the costume, and I had made gold overlays for them simple to the way that I made the gold arms. And for the sash I used the rest of the material. My hair was just sprayed with two cans of red hair color.