I created a homemade couples costume that was pretty simple, creative and comfortable. It is called the “UPS Guy and HIS Package”. You will need the following items to create the costume: Med/ Large Moving Box, UPS envelopes-  total of 5 (free at your local UPS store), double-sided tape and a brown polo shirt, brown pair of Dickies pants/shorts, tan socks and a brown hat (can be found at your local Goodwill or thrift store).

Basically, all you need to do is cut out the UPS label from the envelopes and use the double sided tape to tape the labels on the hat, shirt, socks and package. For the package: just cut 2 holes for arms, 1 hole for your head. We came in 2nd place at a house party Halloween Costume Contest. It’s funny because when my husband posted our photo on fb everyone thought he worked at UPS.