Us girls were at our weekly happy hour, on my deck,  brain-storming on what we wanted to be for Halloween.  I had a half bag of potting soil sitting near my deck. My husband came out and  told my son’s girlfriend she could wear that and be a dirt bag. Well, that was it!  We all laughed like crazy and she ran with it! A Dirt Bag and a Pot Head!!

I washed out the bag and cut the sides. She purchased some yellow duct tape to help it fit on the sides. Then a Dollar store plastic pot with flowers glued onto a headband . Wa-La! A dirt bag/pot head costume! She won first prize at the Halloween party we attended. Then she went downtown, on Halloween, with incredible responses! Simple but brilliant!  Now I find myself looking at everything with Halloween in mind! You don’t always need a lot of money, just a great idea and a little creativity!