Being that Halloween is my favorite day of the year, I started this project about 9 months in advance. The little mermaid was my life when I was a kid, and something I have always aspired to be.

Using an old bra and some fabric I purchased, I created a mermaid look. Each seashell and rhinestone was applied to the bra individually and then glitter, pearls, and sea rocks were used to fill in the gaps. All of the shells and starfish were hand-painted, coated in glitter, and bedazzled for the bra and hairpiece.

The skirt was constructed by hand as well. Finally, I used hair extensions that I colored with hair chalk to create an ombré effect, followed by curling them to lock in the color. This costume is the culmination of my creativity and passion for Halloween. It is going to be a challenge to out do this look next year, but I’ve already got ideas in the works!