After brainstorming for hours and being drawn to my favorite 90s characters, it finally hit me what would be the perfect costume; Lola Bunny! I was absolutely obsessed with both Michael Jordan and Space Jam. I felt a special connection with the sassy Lola and decided to get to work.

I used a boys’ football jersey and thrift store cotton shorts to start with. I cut and cropped the jersey and used blue ribbon to create the neckline and striping. I used white felt and blue and red foam paper to create the ‘Tune Squad’ patches on the jersey and shorts. There is also a #10 on the back that’s not pictured.

The accessories included ears, tail, mask and a $3 hair piece I twisted to create the look of Lola’s ‘ear ponytail’. I did all of my own makeup and finished the look with my own nude heels since Lola is barefoot even on the basketball court!

I am not an actual designer or some fancy blogger, but I am really proud of myself for creating this and all for less than $30! I greatly appreciate your consideration.
p.s. mask broke so I drew on my own later in the night using lip stick and eyeliner. I also wasn’t allowed to bring my basketball water bottle and matching purse into the yacht party so it’s not pictured either.