To make my ringer leader costume I started with the hat, the most time consuming but greatest part!

I broke down a large cardboard moving box, and used one side (about 3 ft by 2 ft). I took a pair of sissors and cut into the box about one foot in from each side. I repeated to do this all the way down the piece of cardboard (each slit about an inch apart). Then i coiled the cardboard into a cylindar, and hot glued where the edges of the cardboard meet. Then folded the long slits in half on both end, to make a dent in the center of the long strip. Keeping them bent (do one end at a time), I folded them all toward the center of the cylindar to make the bottom of the hat. I cut out a circle of cardboard an inch larger the size of my head, and then drew the circle the size of my head inside, making the rim of my hat. Then hot clued the pieces to the circle. Flipped it over, cut a larger circle for the top of the hat, left it whole and followed the same steps as before, making the dented pieces lean “back” more creating the unique shape for this style.

I then took black fabric (2 yards to be safe from joans fabric store), covered the whole hat with it, cutting and contoring as I went. Using hot glue as the adhesive. Once it was black I used a yard of gold studded trim (joanns in the tassel and trim section) and glued it around the base of the hat above the brim. Add a feather for effect!

For the outfit I got the shorts and top at Forever 21. I cut the top to make it a lower neck and crop top. Black knee high boots from Target, lace black gloves from Party City.

I had an amazing time this night and recived endless comliments on my costume and many texts the next day asking to borrow it! I loved making this costume, it different from the rest of the crowd but still sexy and fun!!