Halloween 2008 was coming up and I had no clue what I wanted to be! My friends and I were wondering around in Walmart trying to come up with ideas. We were in the bra section when I saw this pink and black lacy bra and the thought came to me! I could be a “Desperate Housewife”.

This costume didn’t take much time to make at all. I bought the bra and a pair of booty shorts that matched and some knee high sexy stockings as my under layer. Then I bought a white apron and cut it shorter (so it was high thigh length) and also cut a deep V in the neck. Then I took fake rhinestones and iron-on decorations, found in the craft isle to bling it up a little bit, and hot glued them on. I also lined it with pretty ribbon and hot glued that on as well.

Straightened my hair, added some fake pearls, put on some high heels, filled my pockets with condoms and a can of whipped cream and this girl was ready!