Me and My Girl Juli had originally bought the Ninja Turtle Outfits from Party City, but they were not right for us! We wanted more Ummph! So we decided to make our own to each of our styles! We went to the craft store… bought colored felt for the masks and ties, and several yards of shiny lizard material. We also purchased our weapons online.

We spent about a day getting them to our liking. Since I had the mask from the lame bought costumes, I traced the outline of the masks in each color just as a template but made them bigger. after cutting the masks out the felt , I covered them with fabric glue and bedazzled them completely in our designated colors.

For the tops, we cut large strips of the material and just went with it. I made mine into a bandeau top and used the extra red felt to make more cleavage in the front and then ties the back in a bow. My friend wrapped hers around her neck, pulled the material over her breasts and tied the remained material in the back. The tops came out awesome.

We cut the skirts into triangles. I decide to side tie mine like a bathing suit wrap and also uses the felt as an extra adder. My friend tied the ends in the front middle and also used the felt to tie in. All the extra felt was used to made us wrist bands and anklets.

We had soo much fun creating our costume! Every part was the best, especially the teamwork.

Everyone in the club knew exactly what we were (even though our boyfriends said we did not look like turtles). So many people stopped us to compliment on our original idea.