I have wanted to be a peacock for Halloween for several years now, and this year I finally decided to make my dream come true and make my own peacock costume! I spent a lot of time researching different peacock costumes online to see how other people interpreted a costume for a peacock – and the best costume I found was actually from this very site! (Linda’s amazing costume!). So I took inspiration from several ideas and came up with this costume. 

What I used for the costume included:

 -A total of 100 real peacock feathers (50 x 30-33 inch tail feathers and 50 x cut 10-12 inch feathers).
 *I actually didnt end up using all of the tail feathers and could have used a few more cut feathers but overall 100 was a perfect amount for my costume
*I ordered the feathers online on a feather website (featherstore.com) – there was very fast shipping for them (I live in Vancouver, Canada and the feathers were shipped from New York)

– A royal blue corset and tutu set
*I bought my from ebay for 30$, again fast shipping from Hong Kong. Don’t worry about getting an expensive corset since you’re just going to glue feathers all over it anyways!
*The tutu was very short so I also wore a pair of black booty shorts underneath so I wasn’t giving everyone a show!

– Blue felt fabric and white poster board
*I bought this from a local craft store (Michael’s) and can be found anywhere

– Blue fishnet stockings 
*Bought from a Halloween store

– And lots and lots of hot glue!!


So this costume is actually really really really easy to put together but it looks like you spent lots of time and money on it! (I spent about 110$ for feathers and corset/tutu and a normal bagged costume from the store or online can cost that much and more!). Overall it probably took me about 2 hours each for the tail and corset, which  I put together a couple weeks before the party I went to, to make sure I had enough time to get it right and make changes if need be. Here are the steps I took to make the costume:

1. First I made the tail. I cut a rectangular piece of poster board, roughly the size of my back/between my shoulder blades. I then measured to see how far down my back I wanted the feathers to go so I could get an idea of how tall the tail would be when put together (I had my sister help by holding the cut piece of poster board to my back and marking where I wanted the feathers to be). I did the same type of measurement to determine the width of the fan of feathers.

2. Next I  laid down some of the feathers in a fanning motion to get an idea of what the shape of the tail would be like, BEFORE I started to glue the feathers. Once I was happy with the shape I used a heavy duty hot glue gun to glue the feathers onto the poster board. I started from the middle and worked my way out and left small gaps between the first  feathers to add extra layers of feathers to the board. I then just kept going, adding more and more feathers, cutting some down to create a layered effect in the tail. You will get the hang of it as you go.

3. Once I was happy with my tail, I flipped it over and did the same thing on the backside of the poster board so that the beautiful peacock eyes could be seen from the front and back of my costume.

4. Once I was completely happy and done with the tail, I trimmed the extra posterboard off so it was now a fanning V shape of feathers. I then used the blue felt to cover the bottom and make a little triangle which would be the part that would be touching my back, and if seen out of my corset the blue would match the corset.

5. Now its time for the corset! You do the same thing, by hot glueing the feathers directly onto the corset. I cut down the 10-12 inch feathers more so that it was mostly just the eyes that were being glued onto the corset. Halfway down I switched the direction I laid the feathers to create a natural type of look of feather flow. Again it’s very easy once you get the hang of it. And I recommend that you place down a few feathers to get an idea of how they will fit before you glue them.

6. And now you’re all done! Simple wasn’t it?! :)

7. When I actually wore the costume I twisted my hair back into a bun and clipped in a hair piece I made from extra feathers (hot glued feathers onto a small piece of cardboard which was glued to a hair clip), and I also puffed my bangs up. As for make up I used a combination of gold, pink/purple, blue and green eye shadows and black/purple liquid eyeliner. I had fake eyelashes with feathers on them but they wouldn’t stay on the night I wore the costume so I didn’t wear them. I also put gold glitter on my eyes and down my arms and across my chest.

Now for putting ON the costume, it’s very easy as well! The way it is designed, the tail just slides into the back of the corset and sits there nicely and doesn’t move once you tighten up the corset. The removable tail lets you get in and out of cars easy and not have to worry about ruining your beautiful costume. 

I think that’s all I have to say about this costume but leave a comment if you have any questions – and I hope my pictures help to give you an idea of how I made this costume.

I got tons of compliments throughout the night and they are still coming on facebook! This costume definitely won’t disappoint and is real show stopper! I had a lot of fun making and wearing this costume! I was so giddy making it because I couldn’t wait to wear it!

Happy costume making!