I hand made this Peacock costume for my first weekend in Winnipeg. My roommate and I road tripped up for the weekend before Halloween for a rave and a weekend full of bar hopping and costume contests. I wanted something original in hopes of winning some prizes and ended up creating my own peacock costume… it was a hit!

This was (believe it or not) the cheapest Halloween costume I’ve ever made! I bought a plain black corset and tutu combo from an international selling on eBay. Next I bought 4 dozen peacock feathers (again from an international seller on eBay) and got them for a ridiculously cheap price. When everything arrived in the mail, I simply just arranged on the feathers into a pattern and hot glued all the feathers to the corset.

I had a lot of feathers left over, so I ended up making a tail which ended up putting my costume over the top. Sadly I don’t have any pictures showing the tail because the costume never made it through the rave. All in all though, the costume was a hit and I felt sexy in it and was comfortable the whole night!