To create the Lara Croft costume, I used an old black tube top and rolled it up into a crop top, and borrowed a pair of my roommate’s spankies that she had from cheer leading dancing. I used an old pair of black garters and attached a small pocket deep enough to create a gun holster with a little plastic water gun inserted (my favorite part of the costume, which was perfect for filling with my drink of choice!).

The cross-body gear was originally intended to be sold as an accessory for a “secret agent” costume, and can be found in any Halloween store. To top off  the look, I used a wide, cowgirl-ish belt with a big buckle (also borrowed from my wonderful Texan roommate!). I decided to go with strappy black high heels, but black combat boots are also a good alternative (and are super trendy right now).

I was very surprised to find that most people could tell what I was dressed up as right away, and got a lot of compliments for the badass yet sexy vibe the costume gives off. Sadly, the hardest part for me in creating the costume was my attempt at French braiding my hair like Angelina does (I am awful at wearing my hair in any style besides down)… I ended up just throwing it in a regular braid. My favorite Halloween costume to date!