I wanted to be something different for Halloween but still be sexy and cute! This sexy homemade Hamburglar Halloween costume was a HUGE hit and it only cost me $8 total!

I wore black Chuck Taylors, yoga capris, and a striped shirt from Forever 21 I already had. Then, I bought a bandit hat and a mask from Party City. I cut the mask to make it more rounded around the edges. I looked in thrift stores for a yellow tie but couldn’t find one so I bought a cheap white one from Party City. There was no yellow dye at Walmart so I bought red dye. The tye turned out more pink but no one noticed the difference!

Everyone knew who I was at the party and absolutely loved it! I even went downtown to the bars later and got spotted by a crowd from the earlier party! This costume was so easy to make and inexpensive. It was something different while still being super cute and very comfortable!!