Halloween is my favorite time of year and I literally start thinking about next year’s costume the day after Halloween. Halloween allows people to transform into something creative and magical. With Halloween costumes, I strongly believe one should always make their costume so you are unique and stand out. This year I decided to be a sexy gumball machine!

I bought a red bandage pencil skirt on eBay for ~$15 and bought chrome/silver duck tape, one sided sticky felt and black number stickers for the .25 cent sign. I made the silver dispenser with the duck tape and drew out the slot and gumball turner on the felt then stuck it onto the silver area. Skirt completed and wasn’t too difficult to do!

Next step were the gumballs. I used a hot glue gun and glued each individual gumball onto a red bra. I then covered the gumball areas with a cut up Ziploc bag and hot glued the bag around the cups of the bra. This took a little more work to get the layout just right. The end result gave a perfect gumballs in the machine look with the plastic over it.

Lastly I bought colored pom poms from a craft store and strung them together with string and a sewing needle to make a necklace! I opted to use the poms instead of the gumballs here as I was afraid the gumballs may bleed onto my skin.

All in all my costume was a hit!  Everyone knew what I was and I received many compliments at the Halloween party we went to. I also entered a costume contest at the local bar and I won most creative costume!  Two years in a row I have gotten this title so I could not be more pleased!!

This website always serves as an inspiration to me each year when determining my costumes so I wanted to submit my costume this year and thank you for inspring!

Happy Halloween!