Leeloo Dallas, Multipass! This fifth element costume is mostly bare-skin. How hard could it be??

Actually, it ended up taking me WAY longer than I expected. There are twelve straps total and sewing all of them together was a complicated process that involved LOTS of white fabric (about 2.5 yards) and time (4 days). I started with a white strapless swimsuit that I got on sale from Fredrick’s of Hollywood for $6.99. Then I began by cutting 4-inch-wide pieces, which I ironed and sewed together. So each of the twelve straps is actually a double-layer of the fabric because I didn’t want my skin to show through. I started out sewing BY HAND (because I suck at using sewing machines) but that was a really dumb idea because it took FOREVER just to sew together the edges of one strap.

For the hair, I bought a basic orange wig from Easely’s Fun Shop here in Phoenix and soaked it overnight in laundry detergent per their instruction (which is supposed to take some of the unnatural synthetic shine out of the wig). Then I sprayed in some dry shampoo and hairspray to get it a little messy. I tried a glue stick, but ended up having the most success with my boyfriend’s hair product (Tea Tree Shaping Cream by Paul Mitchell) to twist some strands together to mimic the dreadlocks that she has in the movie. For the blonde roots, I simply painted on some yellow acrylic paint I purchased from Michael’s. Lastly, I cut the bangs short.

I found a bright orange shirt for my boyfriend at Marshall’s for super cheap and he picked up some used knee pads for $3.99 at Play-it-again Sports. I also bought blonde hairspray to complete his Bruce Willis look. Funny, when he wasn’t standing next to me, people thought he was Duke Nukem!

Everyone who knew the movie loved my costume! We went to a house party and then to a block party in Old Town Scottsdale and random people kept yelling “CHICKEN GOOD”