Oh dear, I really didn’t know how this was all going to work out, but after going to many thrift stores, finding  the right lamp shade, broken alarm clock, and the perfect doli then off to home depot, I was able to be the perfect 1 night stand, you will see in the pictures, a little alcohol was involved, there is not one picture with me standing straight or by myself… no one wanted to leave me alone.

SO First,  I got the perfect box and painted it white, drew drawers and put  the home depot knobs on them, cut a hole big enough for my head where the doli sat around, on top was alarm clock, 50 shades of gray book (of course) some lubricant , and rubber wrappers!  In the drawers I stuck, panties, thigh highs, and handcuffs. We can’t forget the lamp shade that had matching fringe and a rubber filled with lotion in it so it looked used and from the Halloween before I had this light up teeth, so  put them in as my bulb!

As you can see I wore thigh highs, but you might wonder what did she wear UNDER the box? well, a white turtleneck and  the cutest frilly red boy shorts underwear, needles to say it was all I was wearing at the end of the night! just kidding…..

Three parties later- 2 first place awards, quads scratched up from the box,  but….. PRICLESS!!!