Since I was a teenager I have always loved the classiness of the 90’s group En Vogue. One of my favorite videos of their’s is ‘Giving Him Something He Can Feel’ and it features them in sexy curve hugging red dress with black gloves. That is a look that has always stood out to me. My girlfriends and I are pretty tight and usually buy our costumes together with a specific theme. Usually, they were always costumes that were sold in stores. Last year after feeling like we had exhausted all the sexy (insert character) outfits, I got the idea to replicate the exact look from the video.

Initially , I thought that I could just buy bodycon red dresses and wigs, however I wanted the exact look which included a satin cups in the breast area. I searched online for days and nights to no avail. Finally I walked into a junior’s clothing store and saw satin-ish red bras. Right away I had an idea that I can just buy the bras an then build a dress around it. Later that week, I went to a local store and purchased the fabric and designed the dress. My friend’s aunt is a seamstress and agreed to create the dresses. Once they were done, they were perfect!

We got complicated all night. Our look was such a hit at all the parties we went to. So much so that at one of the parties a photographer, gave us a complimentary photo shoot!