This past year for some strange reason I had the urge to dress up as a clown. I made the sexiest homemade Clown costume myself after some heavy duty clown research. My main issue was clown shoes, I didn’t want to be in large uncomfortable shoes. So I took some neon pink heels I had and bedazzled them. My next step was finding the perfect rainbow stockings. I did better and got rainbow leg warmers that I put polka dot bows on the back of. I got a hot pink tutu and black shorts under them.

I also found these really cool purple sequin suspenders to attach to the tutu! I got a white tank top and sewed some big brightly colored buttons onto it to make the perfect clown top! I got white gloves and a bunch of brightly colored balloons to carry around at the party too! I used a blue satin sash to tie around my neck and brought some big neon gag glasses. For my hair I got a rainbow of hair extensions that I put in and I crimped my hair and secured my pig tails in polka dot ribbons.

It took me forever to figure out what to do for my makeup because I didn’t want to look like a nightmare or cake gunk on. I did white and blue all around my eyes and used hot pink lipstick on my nose. I arrived at my party in a clown car too…just kidding! But I did win sexiest costume! Who would have thought a clown would win that!? The best part is my boyfriend hates clowns. This clown wasn’t so bad! I had a lot of fun making and wearing this costume.