Ok, so the story begins with me finding this website last year in search of a unique costume for my 2 daughters. They ended up dressing up as a cupcake and flower pot. I had rave reviews at their school! This year the principal came to me and said I can’t wait to see the girls costumes this year. In a frantic search to try and make the costumes better than last year, I had found nothing, my older daughter had already decided she wanted to be a peacock, I was still puzzled searching for a unique costume for my unique 5 year old.

I was discouraged and decided a game of candy crush would help me with my troubles and then just like that I had my idea. After 5 weeks of shopping and many sleepless nights I had a peacock and candy crush princess. We had so many people invite our children into their homes for pictures and they were given extra candy at almost every home they went to. I even had a woman ask if she could invest in a business with me. The title comes from me being stressed out and with the husband’s help we had a fully functioning peacock tail