This is my own rendition of Smiley from the 2012 film. I made quite a few adjustments as I figured the character could be much scarier than the film portrayed. I created a couple sketches before actually diving into the creation of the costume.

In my youtube video I go over the entire process of how to create this look yourself at home. I wanted this to be a look anyone could feel comfortable recreating especially if you’re not a professional. Every single product I used is listed in the description and can be found at the dollar store. I also kept the budget in mind, thinking everyone wants a creative costume but also wants to keep this within budget.

After I created my look I scared popped up behind my husband and paid my parents a visit. They were all mortified! It was actually quite comedic (for me at least) and such a nice compliment that I succeeded with my creepy makeup look.

I hope everyone enjoys this look and if you have any feedback I would really appreciate it!