I made this Silent Hill nurse costume a couple years ago entirely by hand! Every aspect, aside from perhaps the shoes and tights, was made by yours truly. And even the shoes and tights were, as you can clearly see, heavily modified by a decent spattering of real — Er, I mean … Fake … Of course I mean fake, don’t give me that look … Blood, gore, and guts!

Of course, I had to modify the costume design to make it more cold weather acceptable, ((I live in Southern Ontario, which isn’t usually the warmest on Halloween … We’re talking 30°F evenings here, my friends,)  so it’s definitely not what I’d call accurate, to either the movie or the video games.

I would, however, call it super scary and awesome as hell, and I’m quite proud of how it turned out, especially the mask! How did I create such a ghoulish head covering, I hear you ask …? And I answer you: The same method we all used as five year old when we made our own pinatas for fun. Newspaper and wallpaper paste layered over an inflated balloon!