I am a huge horror movie fan, they scare the Bejesus out of me, but I have seen them all and cannot stop watching them. The movie that I have the hardest time with by far is the Exorcist. I thought that if I went as Regan for Halloween, it may be a form or therapy for me that would break my fear of this movie. So my friend Meredith helped me to create this costume.

I bought a nightgown at Value Village and used oatmeal, dyed green, to make the puke on the front of the nightgown. I sprayed my hair with temporary hair dye and sprayed my hair brown. I also bought white contact lens to wear. Meredith did all of my face makeup with Halloween makeup she had. People at my Halloween party didn’t even like talking to me because I freaked them out. Long story short, I am still terrified of the movie and think I always will be!!!