I decided to go as Scarlett Johansson from the film Under the Skin by Jonathan Glazer. A very obscure reference that I knew would not be recognised by most, I knew that at least the costume would be creepy if nothing else. And what else is Halloween for if not for scares?

I chose this costume because I am in love with this film. It is beyond amazing, and has so many underlying themes and messages, you walk away thinking about it for days, weeks, and for me, years.

I created this costume using a few things.I started by sculpting a head and neck in clay, then making a plaster mother mould of the face to create a negative. Then poured in liquid latex to create the positive. After that I painted it, and sewed on a wig. Then using a black morph suit which I cut a face hole out of, I sewed on a nude body suit which I then attached the mask to. I then ripped up a pink shirt and added that on top.

Final touch was adding heavy black face paint to everywhere on my face that was visible to create the illusion that the morph suit and my face were connected.

I went out on Halloween to a few parties where all off my friends were instantly terrified of whoever I was and did not know I was someone they knew. I had a great time scaring people, and when we later went out to a bar people couldn’t even see me I blended into the darkness as if the top half of my body was hidden. It was hilarious to watch people’s reactions.