I absolutely love all things zombie and have been one for Halloween many times. This year I wanted to make it a bit different so I decided to be a pregnant zombie. My idea being that if in a real zombie apocalypse I were pregnant and bitten that both myself and the baby would succumb to the illness.

To  make the costume I used an old baby doll and painted it to look like a zombie. I then used heavy duty elastics to attach it to a cut-up plastic salad bowl to make the pregnant belly. I made intestines out of gift wrap tissue paper that I twisted and dipped in fake blood. Finally I cut a hole in my t-shirt to poke the baby and intestines through. I finished the look with lots of fake blood, a dead looking make-up job and a ratty wig.

At the Halloween party it was so fun to see all the disgusted faces, I even won the scariest costume prize of $100.