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Coolest Ring Costume 4

by Philip

Samara Costume

Samara Costume

The TV sequence in The Ring is the scariest moment in any film which I have seen so I decided that the Ring costume would make an ideal costume for this year's Halloween party.

I started with no idea how I would produce my costume, only that I would go to the party as Samara/Sadako emerging from a TV. For the TV part of the costume I searched the streets for discarded TVs and was lucky enough to find one large enough for me to fit into. I gutted the TV leaving just the frame which I cut a hole in the bottom of.

Next I built a TV cabinet from rigid insulation foam; this was solid but very lightweight. The foam base was covered in wood effect Fablon (sticky back plastic) from a DIY shop. I then attached the front of a broken VCR to one of the cabinet shelves and bought a load of VHS tapes from charity shops to put in the other shelf. This did a good job of hiding most of my body from view.

The finishing touch was some carefully chosen sparkly materiel with a grain running through it. When lit from behind by iridescent paper the material looked a lot like white noise. All that was left was to get an old nightshirt from a charity shop and a long black wig.

The costume was warn much like a skirt, I produced a customized belt which slotted into the cabinet, this held all the weight of the costume on my hips and even allowed me to dance while wearing it! It took a total of 3 evenings to produce once I had found all the required materials.

Ring Costume

Ring Costume

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Ring Costume
by: Anonymous

AWESOME! Best ring costume I've seen!

by: Anonymous

Bada$$ costume man, way to go all out! hands down best I've seen!


Samara is my worst nightmare. i hate her, shes scary! but i want this costume!!!!

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Coolst Ring Costume 3

by Maria Davies

The Ring Costume

The Ring Costume

My Ring costume was the evil girl out of the Japanese film ‘The Ring’ (also the USA remake of the same name).

I wanted to come across, as the scariest person at the party, so I thought this would be a good choice. I made the costume out of an old box (which in fact was a TV box) and painted it black and added detail, such as tuning knobs, antenae and the evil videotape.

The box went over my body making me look like a was creepily coming out of the TV. This worked best when I was lying down. I also purchased a wig which I wore backwards and used make-up to add for the final touches to my face to look haunting and scary.

Was a bit tricky as the party was at a flat with the smallest corridor in the world. Got stuck every time I needed to go pee. (Which again was tricky.)

In accordance with the rules of the film, anyone who saw me later received a phone call and died. A shame but worth it.

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How Did You Do It
by: Anonymous

I love the movie The Ring, and was Samara last year for Halloween.I couldn't find a costume anywhere. NOT ANYWHERE!! Not even on

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Coolest Homemade Samara Costume 2

by Sheri
(Whitby ON, CANADA)

Samara Morgan Costume from the Ring

Samara Morgan Costume from the Ring

For my homemade Samara costume (from The Ring), I used a night gown purchased at value Village, a wig from Wal-Mart. I also applied liquid latex on my face with make up. The well is handmade from a box.

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by: Anonymous

THAT'S AWESOME. I am thinking of being Samara this year. She's creepy but cool!

by: Anonymous

That is crazily amazing! You look almost as freaky as the person in the movie!

by: Anonymous

I love the way you had an idea for Halloween that looks so cool!

by: Rachel

Hey. I'm gonna be Samara this year. The sad thing is, all I need to do to my hair is straighten it, and it will look nearly exactly like hers.

by: Anonymous

That's so cool. I just like how she is freaky!

by: Hino

The blue needs to be more on your hands...

ME !!
by: Anonymous

I'm going to be Samara this year, its so cool !

by: Samara lover! lol jkjk

OMG dat is sooooooooo kool! Im definitely gonna dress up as Samara Morgan and scare my next door neighbours dis Halloween! ahaha Jus watched The Ring yesterday!! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOOD! Didn't even get scared!! LOL

smarah costume
by: Anonymous

gosh we have been trying to get this samara gown thing but wow it is awesomely amazing

coolest homemade samara costume 2
by: bella angel

Not bad!

I'm gunna be Samara this year I have long enough hair just gunna dye it black and starlighting it
put a white night gown on and put white make up on my arms and face. also some eye liner in case some one pulls my hair from my face.

I like your costume.

Awesome Idea
by: Wootwoot :D

Cool!! I wanted to be her for Halloween, so I was looking at ideas. This one is good for a light white gown :D

cool costume
by: Anonymous

i am going to be Samara on Halloween too!i don't need to buy a wig,my hear looks exactly like Samara's(but it's not creepy):O nice costume

by: samara

im ordering the ring right now, and the well too...

So cool!
by: Abby

Ur Samara costume is awesome. I'm gonna be it this year.

by: Chris

I'm a dude, and I'm sooooo making this costume...That well's pretty cool too.

by: Samara

She is from the grudge! not the ring!

by: Anonymous

Dude, she is for the ring.
Her name is samara Morgan and that is how she looks and she is from the ring. Not the grudge

Annabelle or Samara Morgan
by: Jenn

I wanna dress up as Annabelle or Samara Morgan for Halloween and Halloween is next Friday.

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