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Coolest Robot Costume 18

by Michelle
(Rossland, BC Canada)



This website was such a wonderful resource for our family this Halloween. Words cannot describe my feelings of the potential for parenting inadequacy when my adorable, gentle seven year old son announced "I would like to be a robot this Halloween, please".

The robot costume, at first, seemed like an insurmountable task. Thanks to all the wonderful ideas and advice on this site, we were able to pull together my son's dream robot costume in less than two hours and for less than thirty dollars. Thanks goes out especially to the individual who mentioned that it was a good idea to keep the body of the robot to around the height of the hips- I don't know how we would have managed to get him buckled in the car if we'd gone any lower.

We used pipe insulation around the arm holes and pool noodles at the bottom of the box. My son already had gold pants so he just wore those. I made the shoes out of box-board and will likely be remaking some for actual trick-or-treating as a stiffer material would hold up better.We had limited time to wait for glue to dry so my husband just wired the circuit board pieces to the box.

The head piece is a spray painted planter with LED lights and ski-goggles over the eyes. Ta-da. We will have to make a different top for school as he is not allowed to wear a mask but I think we'll just make it out of a spray-painted milk jug top and some reflectors.

A note to others- it takes longer to disassemble a laptop than you'd think so it's a good idea to start early.

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Coolest Robot Costume 19

by Simon
(Portsmouth, England)

Evil Robot Costume

Evil Robot Costume

I always wanted a robot costume, but never had a good enough reason to make one. So when I got invited to a Hero & villains Halloween/birthday bash (he was born on the first of Nov!) a robot was the first thing on my mind.

It is made out of a hell of a lot of gold backed card, so there was no need to paint it. It’s mainly held together with split pins but some duct tape is used on areas that need reinforcing. The crotch is elasticized so I can sit down comfortably and on the chest is a red flashing bike light and a pair of iPod speakers for banging out robot tunes!

I didn’t decide on it being a hero or a villain till I started making the head. The design I settled on lent itself obviously to the villain because of its downward pointing mouth, single eye and daunting wide set head. I myself am 6 ft 5; the suit adds another inch so it must be quite intimidating.

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by: Mikko Kuch

THAT COSTUME IS AWESOME!!! What I don't understand though is what exactly you mean by gold backed card? Could you explain?

your robot is awsome
by: Anonymous

i was also wondering what is the gold placker cards that you used and if you could send me a pattern on how you made all the parts.

by: Anonymous

if you ever make another costume like this, go to radioshack and buy LED lights and batteries and you can easily make it look like an electrical robot =]

great job!!

Holy shit!
by: Cass Soste






Im going to have a crack at reinventing that for this weekends dress up party. Thanks for the inspiration

coolest robot
by: Andy

My son loves this costume can you please send me instructions?

by: Promise

whao this robot is cool, i have always wanted to get it.

Costume 19 Awesome
by: PJ

Is there a way to get instructions on how to make this great costume?

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Coolest Robot Costume 15

by Buffy Hutchins
(Leicester, Vermont, )

Robot Costume

Robot Costume

One day while at work I saw two boxes sitting on the floor, so I brought them home then decided to make them in to a robot costume since we can not afford to buy costumes this year, and I did not want my children to miss out on Halloween.

I took stuff that I had around the house. I spray painted them to give them color, then I painted buttons for the back of the gears. I cut them out of paper and taped them on. The antenna's are made of meat skewers with tin foil covering them up.

It took me two days to put them together, but the kids are real happy with them. This will be the best Halloween ever and the cheapest one yet.

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So cute!
by: Anonymous

Those costumes are so adorable! I would never even know they were done bc of a budget. They're great!

very good
by: Anonymous

you have a real eye...those are super cute and aesthetically pleasing

super !!
by: Anonymous

Good job Mom!!

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Coolest Robot Halloween Costume 20

by Christian
(Sherbrooke, QC, Canada)

Robot Costume

Robot Costume

I made this robot Halloween costume with a plastic case, vent hoses, plastic boxes for feet and plastic jar for the helmet. I took duct tape and glue and finally metallic paint for the aspect.

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Robot Costume
by: Toni

That is the coolest robot I have ever seen. You deserve the title of "Coolest Robot Halloween Costume.

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