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Coolest Homemade Megabot Costume

by David

 Homemade Megabot Costume

Homemade Megabot Costume

I have always wanted to a larger than life costume. I decided to do a robot because the design is wide open and the recent popularity. There are many different styles, shapes, and sizes. I spent several hours looking at different robots online.

I then sketched-out my Homemade Megabot Costume. Once the design was finalized, I began construction. I used mostly Styrofoam scraps and wood. The stilts are constructed from wood and wrapped with Styrofoam. I used foam glue that I purchased in the large tubes at the local hardware store. All shaped were rough-cut with a large serrated house knife, then finer cuts done with a smaller knife or xacto.

The surfaces were smoothed out with sandpaper. All surfaces were painted with Acrylic paint through an airbrush. Some of the lower parts were hot glued onto some sweat pants. The others were strapped on using old straps and small bungee cords. It was coming along good, but I wanted more of a “WOW” factor. SO, I added some airline connected to a small tank on the back. The lines run up through the arms and air tips were mounted at the top.

With the turn of a dial on the chest plate, powder shoots out. I then went further and added a voice changing device into the helmet. I was finally done, but wasn’t sure how I was going to get to the party destination. I summoned some help and made it there. Everything stayed together and worked. It was Awesome!

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Super Dave
by: Jim

Dave, this was awesome! You need to add another photo to show the scale of it I think!

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Coolest Mama And Baby Robot Costume

by Crissy Grant
(Mullica Township, NJ )

 Mama And Baby Robot Costume

Mama And Baby Robot Costume

This Mama and baby robot costume was very easy to make. I took a box and cut out arms and head holes for myself and covered it with foil paper. then I spray painted solo cups silver and cut them out to over my legs. I used the backs of the aol download discs and glued them to the front. I also took a box and glued it on top and covered it in foil for my head and used Christmas fringe for hair and took 2 battery powered book lights and faced them inside to light up my head as I walked at night.

For my son's costume, since he wouldn't let me put a box over him because he was only one, I took a pair of old overalls and glued the foil to the straps and the solo cups I cut and painted to the legs. I took the front of a cardboard box and covered in foil paper and I found battery powered Christmas lights and poked holes through and glued them down and then found an old toy with spot lights that broke and used that as the middle.

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very cool costume idea!
by: Anonymous

You really put your heart and soul and imagination into it. great job!

Coolest Robots I've ever seen!
by: Lee

Hey this was a great idea! And that is the most handsome robot boy I've ever laid eyes on!

by: Debbie

This is the most awesome costume.

cool crissy and baby
by: Anonymous

I saw this costume and it was absolutely awesome.

by: Michelle

I really loved the costumes. A handsome son... and a clever Mom.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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Coolest Robot Costume 14

by Tina
(Phila., Pa )

Big A's Robot Costume

Big A's Robot Costume

We used a toilet paper box for the body of the robot costume, a smaller box for his head and spray painted them with silver paint. We hot glued gears and circuit board's, belts and whatever else that my company was throwing out to both the front and back of the boxes after they were painted.

We used dryer vent tubing stuff for his arms and legs, battery operated lights (you know the little led ones that you but at the party store~), a big red bowl for the top his head with a strobe light (the ones they make for inside your craved out pumpkin)underneath so it can flash.

We purchased big white gloves and put them on a stick so he could shake hands with others, shoe boxes for his feet we just put them right over his sneakers.

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Great Job
by: Anonymous

This is really cool looking

Great Job
by: Anne

Hi Albert,

You look terrific. Good luck and keep on Robotting.......

The Small's

Cool Albert
by: Ms. Joanne

I love the costume as I love the boy. Albert you have such a talented Momma.
Miss you all so much. I work part time in Queen's Village so some evening I will stop to say hello.
My best to all of you.
Good luck honey.
Miss Joanne
your old pre-school teacher


Great costume!
by: Anonymous

Very clever idea and very inexpensive. This costume is the bomb!

Awesome constume!
by: Patty

This is a great idea. The parents of this child should be nominated "parents of the year". What a great creative mind to come up with this. And to add the fact that it looks ALL HOMEMADE...I give a way to go to "The Robot"

by: Anonymous

This is the greatest costume I have ever seen. All the kids are going to wish they had one just like it. To bad it would have to be a refrigerator box or something like that in order to make an adult costume, because I would love to wear it to a costume party.

good idea
by: Anonymous

This is really cool. It was cheep to make and very creative. good luck

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