This year I wanted to put my creativeness to work and make a custom costume. Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorite movies! The scissors were created using foam, brats, spray paint and red paint. The costume was made with many belts around my body.  Some of the belts I had already owned and the rest were bought from my local dollar store.

For the makeup I used Liquid Latex and tissues to create the scars. This is done by applying a bit of liquid latex where you want the scar to be. Then you split a piece of toilet paper is half (separating the 2 ply’s) and taking a little piece and twisting it. Then apply over top the first layer of latex. Once I had that in place I applied another layer of liquid latex over top. Once dried, I used dark purple and brown eye shadows to create the dimensions.

Finally for the hair… lots and lots of teasing!