When I saw the movie Real Steel, I thought it would be pretty cool to make my own version of the main Atom Robot . The main things you need to make this costume are foam floor mats, a hot glue gun, a heat gun, a dremel, and poster boards.

What I did was I drew the shape I wanted on the poster board, and then traced it onto the foam mats. I then cut it out with a dremel and used the heat gun to mold it into the desired shape. After that I began to glue the pieces using the hot glue gun onto some old hockey and baseball pads I had laying around. I also used a few things like a metal garbage can for the face and some EL wire for the eyes and name plate.

When everything was complete, I painted it with a few cans of spray paint. The costume probably took about 100-125 hours to make, but was totally worth it. The hardest part was definitely the helmet which took about 30 hours itself. The best part was finally finishing the costume. The funniest part was probably trying to see where I was walking and seeing how amazed the little kids were when they saw me. Everyone seemed to be impressed with the costume and I was probably asked to take a picture about 3 dozens pictures. I definitely plan to make an even better costume next year.