Every year I surprise my family and friends with a costume they don’t expect from me. No one is allowed to know till I reveal it at our annual Family Halloween party. This year, I wanted to pay tribute to the most popular horror movie of all time, and everyone’s biggest fear… ‘The Exorcist’. I received many compliments and was asked to pose for lots of pictures. I even came across my picture being shared on Facebook as the ‘Coolest Costume of the Year’!

It wasn’t very difficult to make my headboard prop and fit it with straps to carry. I then dressed in an old nightgown, popped in some eyes and makeup and covered it all with a sheet that looked like I was in bed; my friends and family loved it! They even joked all night that I made them face their childhood fears and that they were no longer afraid of it. I had so much fun with this one! I have included a piece of video so you may see my “character” in action :)

Since this year’s costume made it four in a row as the winner of the costume contest at the family party, it will be difficult, but fun to top myself next year.

Thank you for letting me share this. I will be submitting photos of my past two contest-winning costumes just to share my love for Halloween and creativity.