I made this quick and easy Greek Goddess Costume for a 3-year old girl.  It took me less than an hour to do it. It is so easy to make. I gathered all  the materials for it and I started to work on. The costume was made  of 1 piece of white plastic bag taped on the back, and I used a golden glitter ribbon wrapped around the neck crisscross and tied up to the back. And additional ivory ribbon tied up on the waist, and I use a silver and white string wrapped on the forehead.

I had a fake flower to hold. I found all this material at home. So I didn’t have to buy anything. She wore some ballerina flats she had and that completed the goddess Greek costume completely. Is very simple to do, when you are in a hurry and do not have the time nor the money to have a costume. And you can made it from different ways, and you would get something unique and beautiful.