I wanted a quick and easy Poison Ivy costume. I was going to buy one, but they all seemed very simple and cheap. Since I’ve made some costumes other years I decided to do it myself. I bought a corset at Party City which cost me around $35.00. At the end I realized I could’ve used any strapless shirt without spending that much.

I bought leaves at the Dollar tree, some flowers for my hair and a head band to put it on. I spent less than $15.00. I sewed everything by hand. I did’nt glue it because they can fall off easily. My skirt was the hardest part because I made it from scratch. I got a belt and sewed all the leaves like if they were hanging. I made the back part of my skirt longer, and the front a little shorter. I bought some black shorts and fishnets leggins. Those were like $12.00 for both. I also sewed some leaves (not glued so I can reuse my fishnets). I bought some foam paper (green) and glitter (green) at Walmart.

The paper cost me 45. cents each. and the glitter like $3.00. I made the green thing around my eyes with that. I didn’t know what glue i could used to make it stick, so I used some eyelash glue I already had. Everyone loved my costume and of course I was proud to say I made it.