Costume by Kayley R., Monroe City, MI

Trick or Treat! Supplies needed, plastic trick or treat bag, pillow case, paint, brushes, scissors, glue, needle, thread, felt, candy with wrappers and stapler. This costume was a last minute idea I had already started on another costume that didn’t work out so the night before I started searching for quick and easy costumes. I had to brain storm then it came to me, he could be a bag of candy.

I went to the store and bought a plastic trick or treat snack and a pillow case. I started off by measuring how long my son was and cut off the bottom with the scraps from the bottom. I used them to sew on simple straps for his shoulders to keep the bag up. Next I drew on the pillow case the picture from the plastic bag and painted it to match. Then I cut a handle for the bag out of felt and glued it on. Next I glued and stapled on candy left over from last year to the pillow case shirt and hat.

Everyone loved this idea and thought it was so great and had a huge laugh. he even made the paper. It also was extremely cheap since I already had everything but the bag and pillow case. Tips: When painting put something in between the pillow case so it doesn’t bleed through. Also make sure to empty some of the wrappers of the candy if they are too heavy.

Total Spent: $3