For the past two years my son has won our local costume parade making this year exceptionally hard to outdo the previous two. I spent hours searching online for an original idea coming across a “mousetrap” costume that involved a wagon, some plywood and a toddler sitting in a hole cut in the plywood. I thought it was genius yet slightly morbid that I would be making my two and a half year old a dead mouse. But I became fixated on the idea of the hole in the plywood so I started to brainstorm on what else could apply to the same concept….. What else would come out of a hole? Thus how I came up with the idea of a groundhog… They come up from a hole in the ground! Being from Pennsylvania made it even better, My son was going to be Punxsutawney Phil!

I was able to find the base for the costume on amazon which was a bear costume that I was able to tweak with black sharpie. Then add some embellishments such as a buck teeth pacifier and top hat. Now onto constructing the wagon. I simply used foam board in place of plywood and reinforced it with duck tApe to make it more sturdy. I cut a hole in the foam board, surrounding the hole with crumbled up paper bags that I covered in coffee grounds. This would be my dirt mound created from the ground hound coming out of the ground. I hot glued Christmas garland over the rest of the foam board to resemble grass. To make it look more realistic I gathered some pine cones from outside then scattered some fake snow over the surface to resemble a Pennsylvania winter in February (when groundhogs day occurs). I also made a sign for my son to carry while wheeling by the judges table that read “six more weeks of winter” his costume was a hit and he won for the third year in a row :)