I tend to go big or go home for Halloween, when my daughter wanted to be a peacock for Halloween I wasn’t about to let her go trick-or-treating with a couple feathers in her tail. First came finding the feathers. Peacock feathers are expensive at most craft stores…so instead I went right to the source. I found a person that had peacocks. I drove out to her farm and she charged me $2 for 5 feathers, I bought 30 eye feathers.

Then I bought filler spear feathers on eBay.   Having a backpack of feathers or more like a fanny-pack of feathers was a major decision for my 8 yr old. In the end, we decided to go with the fanny back of feathers. I bought a turquoise feather fan, glue that onto some cardboard then started to burn the mid-night oil making my daughter’s tail.

Three hours later, we had a beautiful peacock tail. I also made my daughter a tutu and paired that with gymnastics leo, orange leggings (which I had to dye myself…I couldn’t find orange leggings anywhere!), a fancy headpiece and cute boots and there you have it, my proud peacock!