My Silvia was looking for a WOW costume. No better than a peacock costume to do that. Our main focus was her long, fluffy colorful bustle. We started with a Velcro belt, nothing fancy just Velcro right from the craft store, fitted and sewed. Attached many different layers and colors of tulle, wrapping around the belt, cutting each layer to be shorter than the previous, then sewed and glued different kids of feathers into it.

We glued matching fur around lil black gloves, made a furry fluff hair tie. We found peacock earnings and necklaces. We topped her off with  LARGE wings (which sadly I bought, they were too perfect to pass up). The mask was created from a version of an older peacock mask from the 70’s, I bought individual feathers and glued those and rhinestones on the mask.

Silvia loved the black lipstick and we changed the look up a few times and did some dark eyes instead of the mask too. We sprayed her hair black, added a rocking blue tutu and pretty lil peacock she was.