Well, I was determined for whatever reason to have an epic Halloween celebration this year. I was also determined to WIN a contest. Between my husband and my daughter cheering me on as I prepared a month in advance, I KNEW I had this one in the bag;) I bought my feathers from eBay. For the top (corset) I bought 100 12″-16″ small feathers and cut off the eyes of the feathers. I them bought 50 33″-36″ feathers for the fan. The corset and spanx were also both purchased from eBay as well! I spent a total of $100 on everything.

The most difficult part of the costume was the fan. Not only cutting the cardboard “just right” but placing the feathers just right was a little hard but….I conquered it! I then glued fabric over the cardboard to prevent any skin irritation through the night. It was a total of 6 hours to make everything. Not too shabby! I finished in just 3 sessions. Just watching tv while doing it, helped time pass.

I did also win first prize for my costume and all the hard work paid off! What a fun night and my costume was just as epic as the night;)