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Coolest Homemade Predator Costume 5

by Rolando
(Bridgewater, NJ)

Homemade Predator Costume

Homemade Predator Costume

Homemade Predator Costume
Homemade Predator Costume (found a victim!)
Homemade Predator Costume
Homemade Predator Costume

This homemade Predator costume is my favorite homemade costume I made and assembled together. I was inspired by the first Predator movie and the first AVP film. I love Sci-Fi movies so I thought this whole project was going to be fun. I'm (Rolando) the one wearing the suit in the pictures. My father took the pictures outside of our house.

The suit is composed of many elements:
- latex muscle skin (made and airbrushed by me)
- latex armor (groin armor, thigh armor, shoulder bells, and butt flap) (also painted by me)
- latex hands and feet (also painted by me)
- mask and helmet (dreads attached, mask painted and helmet painted by me)
- custom blade gauntlets that have animatronics inside that make the blades go in and out
- tri-laser pointers in the helmet
- fan inside mask to keep me cool
- speaker attached mask that connects to a small MP3 player that plays back the Predator's actual sounds from the movie.

Again, everything is either made out of latex or resin and airbrushed and assembled by me. Overall, the homemade Predator costume took me almost a year to make. It was really fun.

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Coolest Homemade Predator Halloween Costume 2

by Alex W.
(Orem, Utah)

Homemade Predator Halloween Costume

Homemade Predator Halloween Costume

I'm a 20 year old college student who happened to have some free time on his hands and decided to do something fun. Here is my homemade Predator Halloween costume. Everything on it was completely homemade, including the latex mask, which took a bit of experimenting to get right.

It has functional parts as well; the wrist bomb opens up and has a light on the top side, the wrist blades pop out on the right gauntlet with the push of a button, the disc weapon opens and closes, the spear is collapsible/expandable, and the plasma cannon on the shoulder rotates on its own.

The materials I used were pretty simple, the most common ones being liquid latex, spray paint, cereal boxes, foam core boards, hot glue, superglue, cream makeup, plaster strips, and any other random pieces of PVC pipe, clay, Tupperware containers, and plastic parts that I could use to make the parts I needed. It was a lot of hard work, but it has paid off in the end, and I'm proud of how it looks.

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Coolest Homemade Alien vs. Predator Costume 3

by David P.
(Fairport, NY, USA)

Homemade Alien vs. Predator Costume

Homemade Alien vs. Predator Costume

This is my homemade one-of-a-kind latex costume of an Alien vs Predator for the popular movie Alien vs Predator.

Airbrush painting on the skin:
fishing net used over skin;
armor made of fiberglass and wood;
left arm computer with LED blinking lights as does the disc blade Frisbee weapon on right hip;
custom bio mask that fits over predator mask has 3 laser-like LED's;
some real rat skulls and chicken bones;
gauntlet on right arm with animatronic blades that push plastic blades out almost 12 inches;
latex feet with 6 inch platforms;
backpack with fiberglass/wood cannon recreation.

I also had a sound player with monster sounds and a battery-powered hand controller. True to the original movie costume!

This Homemade Alien vs. Predator Costume adds about 50 lbs to one's body weight, and has a small hole in the mouth for a drinking straw. It takes about an hour to fully suit up, and I sweated about a bucket of water in that hour!

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Scary ...
by: Javier

... just plain SCARY !

by: Anonymous

that my friend is the sickest outfit ever, nice work.... I love to see great detail in work like that....WOW!!!

by: Anonymous

That was cool.


hi my name is Dustin Simpson, i like alien vs predator and so i like ur costume!

by: Anonymous

Whoever sees this cool costume, I recommend going to Youtube and typing in "homemade predator costume". Some guy made one that looks exactly like the predator, it is so detailed and has a moving shoulder cannon thing.

Its so sick!!!

you are so good
by: Anonymous

wow man that is the best costume i have ever seen!!!!

by: Trenten

I love ur costume! I am 9 yrs old. Would u b willing 2 make me one? If so how much?

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