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Coolest Popcorn Homemade Halloween Costume 12

by Tina J.
(Fort Bragg, NC U.S.A.)

Popcorn Homemade Halloween Costume

Popcorn Homemade Halloween Costume

This Popcorn Homemade Halloween Costume idea was real simple. My son Jordan came up to me and said "Mommy I want to be a box of pop corn." It just came out of left field, he's only 6yrs old. So I got a box, tissue paper, a glue gun, and some spray paint. Wala... pop corn with butter, great for a movie night.

Glue gun
Spray paint (red,white)
Painter's tape
Dark yellow acrylic paint
tissue paper
Computer & printer
Box cutter

How to make:
1. Spray paint a box white.
2. Tape off stripes and spray paint red.
3. Go on your computer and add a circle shape with outline.Fill the circle with white, and the outline fill it in red. Add text "Pop Corn" to the right size. Print out 2 copies and cut out graphic.
4. Remove the tape to expose the strips.
5. Glue cut graphic to box on both sides.
6. Cut out a head hole in top of the box and arm holes in the sides of box with a box cutter (be careful).
7. Wad tissue paper into balls and attach to top of the box with glue gun. Fill in holes as needed.
8. Add some dark yellow to the tops of wadded tissue paper for butter effect.

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nice job!
by: Chavi B.

Great popcorn costume Tina. I love that yellow butter on the popcorn -- it's a detail that really adds.

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Coolest Popcorn Costume 8

by Laura D.
(Seattle, WA)

Homemade Popcorn Costume

Homemade Popcorn Costume

Popcorn! Get your popcorn here! I love food costumes and this was one of my favorites.

The basic idea behind this costume included LOTS and LOTS of glue gun sticks and LOTS and LOTS of popcorn, but making the actual costume was pretty simple.

The costume is fundamentally made with two loops of wire connected at the corners by another piece of wire, a basic wire frame.

I then covered this with plain white paper, the kind that comes on the rolls and bought the same kind of red paper. I cut strips of the red paper and glued them on with glue stick.

I took an undershirt and glued on a thick coat of popcorn with hot glue. I also made a popcorn hat. Then, I covered the top of the costume with white paper so that I could glue more popcorn on the top.

My school has a “most spirited award” and with this costume I won!

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Box Costumes
by: Tiffany

Hi Laura! Your costumes are awesome! How do you get the box costumes to stay on? Do you rig some kind of suspenders, are your boxes closed more at the top, or do you just carry them around with you?

They are great! Keep up the creativity! You are so inspiring! :)

by: Anonymous

i have made this costume to but you's is so much better!!
I love it

by: Anonymous

this is the best popcorn contest i have ever seen in my life. how the heck did you come up with this?!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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Coolest Homemade Popcorn Halloween Costume 11

by Anabel
(Southern California)

Homemade Popcorn Halloween Costume

Homemade Popcorn Halloween Costume

I decided I wanted to go as an original Homemade Popcorn Halloween Costume made of a red striped bag of popcorn.

I made the front and back pieces out of foam board and them wrapped them with fabric. I attached the sides with more of the original fabric and made the stripes with satin red ribbon. I wrote the "popcorn" out with fabric paint in an old style font. I made suspenders out of that same red ribbon and decorated them with bows.

To top it off I put popcorn on a string similar to Xmas decorations and bobby pinned it in my hair. I handed out popcorn all night.

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by: Laura

This is totally going to be my costume this year :)

by: Anonymous

So cute. Definitely doing this, this year!

So cute!
by: Carolyn

I'm such a kid at heart and love Halloween. I decided to be a box of popcorn this year. My friends and I are going out bar hopping for the occasion and I was concerned about being able to sit in my costume so I've been surfing the web for ideas and just came across yours. Sooo cute! I love how you put your own spin on it with the ribbon suspenders. I hope that you don't mind if I copy!;) Thank you for the super cute idea!:0)

by: Julia

Carolyn it'd be great to see your version for this costume, please share once you're done.

by: Anonymous

Julia I'll definitely share!;0)

by: Carolyn

Oops that last comment was from me which you probably already figured but just thought that I'd clarify anyway;) lol.

by: Emma

I just love this costume, so fun and cute at the same time. I'm trying to make it on my own and wonder how you did on the sides, do you use the foam board there as well? Thankful for some help. thanks!

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Coolest Homemade Popcorn and Coke Costumes 13

by Alison
(South Grafton, MA)

Homemade Popcorn and Coke Costumes

Homemade Popcorn and Coke Costumes

This costume was brought about by Tyler(popcorn). He loves the movies and wanted to be the "favorite" snack at the movies for Halloween. But popcorn could be salty, so you would need a drink, how about a coke?

So the idea of Homemade Popcorn and Coke Costumes was done, now they just needed to be made. After long hours of discussions and decision- making, here is what they finally came up with (with some parental help, of course!).

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It's a mystery
by: Jill

So - how did you put it together? What did you use to get the Coca-Cola logo so perfect, and what did you use for the popcorn?

could it be store bought?
by: Anonymous

This is how I would make a popcorn costume:

Put on some black shoes and black leggings. Then put red duct tape stripes on a long white t-shirt. Write popcorn on a piece of construction paper and tape it onto the shirt. Wear a black hooded sweatshirt under the white shirt. Pull up the hood and crumble multiple pieces of yellow construction paper and tape them on the hood. The results look really homemade and it is more comfortable!

This is not store bought
by: Anonymous

I made something similar for my DD's for this Halloween. Only my coke was a fountain cup.

The popcorn is a box with a hole cut out for the head, white and red duct tape for the decoration and a print out of a popcorn label. Then hours spent hot gluing on popcorn. I also made a hat of popcorn. For this can it is obviously a trash can, upside down, head hole and arm hole cut out. Then spray painted red. The coca cola logo can be copied from the internet, printed out as a 3 sheet banner and then cut out with an exacto knife.

I made a fountain cup by using an 18 inch deli tray lid, a lot of red duct tape over the shape of the cup with poster board under it. Then I used the logo idea from above.

im so doin this lol xox :D
by: Anonymous

for Halloween last year i was a bunch of grapes and we all had a laugh trying to pop the balloons on me because i had purple balloons attached to me with safety pins.
this year i would love to be something different like popcorn

by: Anonymous

Ok so i am looking for a cute costume but i dont want to be this huge can. I want to be something like this
Search on google carlys sushi costume.
Its truly adorable but i dont want to be sushi
Any ideas?!:-):-)

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