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Coolest Popcorn Costume 6

by Sarrah
(Oxford, NY)

Popcorn Costume

Popcorn Costume

This is my son Bryice. He is 2 years old. Each year I try to come up with a very original costume. This year we decided on a Box of Popcorn costume. I started early on the creation so I would have plenty of time to make it just right or pick a new idea. We are both very happy with the result.

Popcorn Box:
Cardboard Box
Solid Gift Wrap (inside out)
Red Market
Great Stuff( found @ any home improvement store)
white Computer Paper
Scissors or Utility Knife

Popcorn Hat:
Great Stuff
Computer Paper
Elastic Strap

Popcorn Trick Or Treat Basket:
Med Size Kitchen Bowl
Great Stuff
White Computer Paper


Popcorn Box
- Cover the box with the gift wrap. have the white side of the gift wrap facing out
-use your red market draw stripes on all 4 sides.
- cut arm holes and a head hole
- to make the popcorn-Crinkle white paper up in different shapes spray with Great Stuff let dry.
-Add dried popcorn to top of the box with dabs of great stuff

Popcorn Hat
- use 2 pages of white computer paper, Crinkle it up in a bowl shape. Spray Great Stuff on the rounded side. let dry.
- pope 2 holes threw the sides to attache the elastic strap

Popcorn Trick Or Treat Basket
- Use a Med. size Tupperware bowl cover with computer paper tape it down where needed. set bowl down upside down and spray with Great Stuff. let dry
- Remove tape on the inside of bowl and slide hardened mold from bowl.
- Poke holes threw 2 sides to attach the rope for a handle.

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"Great Stufff" is flammable
by: Anonymous

I looked at the great stuff at Lowe's today and it is flammable.. I don't think I will be using that on my child's costume..

by: Anonymous is fabric. she made a wonderful costume, don't come up in here and try raining on the parade. I'd like to see you do better...did you buy a costume at Lowe's while you were there?

by: Anonymous

My daughter will be a box of popcorn for a dance recital. We ordered the box part of the costume, but I needed an idea for how to make the popcorn! Thanks! Never heard of "Great Stuff" but will look for it.

great stuff?
by: Anonymous

What is great suff? Is there another name, because i dont think it is called that in Australia, and i would really like to make the popcorn! :)

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Coolest Popcorn Costume 7

by Belinda

Courtney as Pop Corn

Courtney as Pop Corn

This popcorn costume was jointly made by a friend of mine and myself for her daughter. I did a similar version of this costume when my children were younger so we took the original idea and updated it a bit.

The costume is made using a large box, red, white, and black paint, some spray paint, hot glue, and some egg crate foam.

First we cut the box to the right length for her body, arm holes, and the hole for her head. Ten we traced on the pattern we wanted for the box and painted it. You can be creative with the decoration of the box. We stuck to a traditional movie popcorn look.

Next we cut the foam in ruffle-y flower shapes. After the shapes were cut out we took rubber bands and rapped them around the centers of the flower shapes to make the pop corn 3 dimensional. We then glued the popcorn to the top of the box all around the head hole. We left two of the popcorn pieces for her to carry (for younger children in this costume, you could make the two hand pop corn pieces as mittens so they don't have to carry them by outing the flower shape on their hand and wrapping the rubber band around at the wrist).

Lastly, we made one larger flower shape big enough to cover her head and when she was ready to wear the costume, we wrapped a head band around the shape to hold it to her head.

We took this costume to an area contest and it won 2nd place!

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great idea
by: Chavi B.

Cutting popcorn from foam is a great idea, much more practical than hot-gluing ten million real popcorns. I'm not sure what you mean by egg-crate foam but I'm going to try to find out, it certainly sounds cheaper than craft foam!

Popcorn Costume
by: S. Jones

Awesome idea to use egg crate foam! I was planning on using popcorn and now there is no need for that!!!

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