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Coolest Pokemon Groudon Costume 21

by Mama Bear Karen
(Richland, WA)

Homemade Pokemon Groudon Costume

Homemade Pokemon Groudon Costume

This Awesome Pokemon Groudon Costume idea came from my 8 year old who wanted to dress as his favorite pokemon character, a Legendary Pokemon. Groudon is a lava-rock type Pokemon and his firey personality fits my 8 year old red headed boy perfectly. I made the basic form out of craft foam from a local mattress/couch repair store. I shaped it with an electric meat knife! My husband stayed out of my way for the next several weeks.

The red fleece fabric was collected from local thrift stores. The backpack for the back and tail was also salvaged from a second hand shop. Can we say green?! I am VERY sewing challenged so I was able to pull off most of the costume with nothing more than a hot glue gun, scissors, and a lot of patience. It took about 2 months to complete working on the weekends and whenever I had free time (probably 80 hours total). The end result has fully articulating arms and free use of fingers in hidden "gloves" that camoflauge into the costume. It was a little warm, but other than that, it was a huge hit!

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by: Anonymous



Thank you! I put a lot of work into this one. I appreciate you leaving feedback. If anyone is interested in details, I would be happy to forward them.

by: Anonymous

Great job-my 6 year old son wants the costume!!!!!

Love it!!!
by: lilypad

This is FANTASTIC. I too made, or attempted, the Groudon for my son last year but yours is way superior. How did you get the head?? That was my biggest challenge. This year he wants to be Typhlosion and I am scratching my head, again. I am not good at sewing and I foresee many painful hours in front of me!

Groudon Costume
by: Kelly

I am been online searching for a groudon costume for my 8 year old. This one is amazing. My poor son unfortunately does not have a creative mother so I am torn on what to do for him!!!! Any chance your renting the costume out?!!!:) We live in a small town and I know of maybe 2 seamstresses that might have time to help me on it! This one is amazing!

Awesome Groudon Costume
by: Justin

This was indeed a great costume! It got a lot of attention from the Pokemon crowd at the local bookstore where he was given some free Pokemon cards! The whole experience put a giant smile on his face.

Talented Mama!
by: Anonymous

Karen, you are amazing! Cousin Janet

by: Susan G

Really really awesome costume Karen!! Obviously took a LOT of work! Only a dedicated mom would go to that extent!! Can't wait to see what costume you come up with for this year!!!

outrageously creative!
by: Anonymous

I love the animal, it looks like a lobster, or a sea animal. I love the bright colors. Wow, the craftsmanship is amazing. The dedication it took to master such a feat is incredible. Hats off to you, my craftsman friend.

by: Bonny A.

Incredible work!!! I hope you win!!!

Happy Face!
by: Anonymous

That's one beautifully handmade costume for one really cute red-headed kid! Turned out spectacular! Happy Happy Face!

Wow... What a costume!
by: joyce

Oh my goodness Karen... That is amazing. I can see why it took a lot of time. Is it big enough for him to wear two years in a row? Great ideas on using unusual "stuff" to make it. I am not familiar with poke on, but it would make a good lizard costume too

by: Gwendolyn Maxima

that's so cool!! amazing!!!

by: sheogorath

would you make me one? but lerger ofcourse, as im 6foot tall.

by: Anonymous

that's the best homemade groundon costume Ive ever seen

Coolest costume
by: Kim

Hi Karen,

Any chance you have directions on how to make your costume? I, too, am sewing challenged but my son is loving your costume?


by: Anonymous

My nine yr old daughter wants it.

by: Anonymous

This costume is now for sale on ebay and on Craigslist for Kennewick/Pasco/Richland, Washington State. Get it while you can!

obviously not p pokeperson...
by: Anonymous

the is no "lava type"

love it
by: Anonymous

I love this costume is it possible for me to get a sheet on how to make it i have a 14 year old who will like to give this a go on trying to make himself??

Details please!
by: Jen

Amazing costume! My son has been asking and asking for a groudon costume but I cannot find one anywhere...until I saw this one! Did you have a template or did you make your own? If you have details or instructions, would you mind sharing?
Thanks and great job!

by: VannieT

This is amazing!!! Any chance you are renting out this costume? ;) Or do you have step by step instructions on how to make this? Would appreciate any insight. Thank you!!

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Coolest Homemade Lucario Costume 9

Homemade Lucario Costume

Homemade Lucario Costume

My Dad helped me make the coolest costume ever, a Pokemon costume. Which one, you ask? A big, bad, blue Lucario, of course!

To make this costume, we basically copied the instructions from Riva F.'s costume on this site, with a few exceptions. Instead of putting 1/2 inch thick foam inside the tail, we put pillow stuffing inside it so we could have a 3-d tail instead of a 2-d tail.

Second, we didn't put in the thighs because we thought they looked weird. Third, we didn't add gray accents to the cones because we thought that looked weird too.

Our biggest challenge was that we didn't know where she put eye holes, so we cut eye holes on the bottom of the neck.

It was a lot of work to make it, but it turned out so cool in the end! I would never have done it without him!

Extra thanks to Riva F. who inspired us all!

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