This Pokemon group costume is a great costume. All of the costumes were home made. We had Ash, the Pokemon trainer, Pikachu, Squirtle, Dugtrio and Ponyta. I personally was Squirtle. I used fabric then made a shell and stuffed it with stuffing so that it was round out and not just flat on my back.

I wore blue tights and a blue long sleeve shirt. I but blue duck tape on my boots and on a cat tail and just curled it to make it look like Squirtle’s tail. I then used a yellow short sleeve shirt and pinned it under my legs to look like the front of a shell and painted lines of it. I also wore lots of blue eye shadow and hair sprayed my hair blue. I also wore my hair in a bun because turtles don’t have hair. It’s simple to see how the others made their costumes. We also painted Styrofoam balls to look like Pokeballs.