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Coolest Poison Ivy Halloween Cotume 15

by Jessica
(New Haven, CT)

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

After checking out the pretty awful Poison Ivy costumes in stores this year, I thought it would be much better, and a lot more fun, to make my own Poison Ivy Halloween costume.

I bought a green leotard, green tights, green satin gloves, a bright reddish-orange wig, and some fake ivy leaves.

I sewed some leaves all across the top of the leotard and gloves, and sewed smaller vines of leaves wrapping around the tights and gloves. I spray painted an old pair of knee-high boots green and glued some leaves around the top. I also spray painted a wide belt green and sewed some leaves around it. I took the leftover strands of ivy and twisted it together for a hairpiece. For the eyebrows I took some light molding putty and molded it into shape. I then let it air dry, painted it, and used spirit gum to attach it to my face.

I applied fake eyelashes and used bright green eye makeup and bright red lipstick to complete the look.

Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy Costume

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by: shana

wow that costume is amazing! I bet you and your friends are REALLY cool ;-)

that is one awsome costume!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm planing to make my own poison ivy costume this year and I LOVE yours!!! thanks for the idea of using molding puddy for the eyebrows. I was thinking the same thing....

Your pics are great and your costume is the best I have seen!!!!

by: Anonymous

amazing costume--- WOW!

Posion Ivy!!
by: Tash

Your costume is really awesome!!!
I am wanting to create something similar for this years Halloween but I cannot find the fake ivy leaves anywhere. Where do you get these from?


I am researching this costume to dress as Posion Ivy this Halloween - thanks for the tips on doing the eyes.. I had no clue- I think this is one of the best costumes as PIvy I have seen! great job = very COOL- so excited

help me
by: Anonymous

where can i find the leotard

by: Poison Ivy

Sorry guys! I forgot about this post and haven't checked out the comments in, well, years.

For anyone in the future- I bought the leotard at a dance/costume shop and the leaves from a craft store (think Michael's, somewhere with lots of those fake flowers and such) I actually bought vines and ripped the leaves off of them.

Thanks for all the feedback! This is still my fave Halloween costume to date :)

by: sinead

hi, got my fake ivy and my wig on eBay. had so much fun making my costume for my birthday party...looking for to Halloween for my next one :)

Great Outfit!!
by: Nikki W

Great costume - I've just pinched all of your ideas for this years Halloween!!!

by: Denise

I love this! I want to be Poison Ivy this year for halloween and you just gave me ideas! u look gorgeous hunny!

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Coolest Posion Ivy Homemade Halloween Costume 30

by Apryl
(Madison, TN)

Posion Ivy Homemade Halloween Costume

Posion Ivy Homemade Halloween Costume

I bought the jump suit online and attached a vine to her shoulder for this Posion Ivy Homemade Halloween Costume. After wrapping it around her waist I pinned it to her ankle. The leaves on the vine were replaced from other flowers I purchased. The eyebrows are leaves glue together with a glue gun. The belt and arms are made with shimmery fabric.

She has on green eye shadow and green eyeliner on her lips with gold lipstick over it. Her hairs is a wig I bought from the costume shop with red weave glued in. To get the cones on her head I put in two ponytails. I added several rubber bands to make it hard. Then I wrapped them with neck strips. Next I took the hair that was hanging and wrapped it around the ponytail that was know covered with tissue paper.

You can make these as thick as you like are as thin as you like. For thicker buns wrap more neck strips.

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Coolest Poison Ivy Costume 22

by Jill
(Boston, MA, USA)

Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

I wanted to be Poison Ivy but I couldn't find a decent costume anywhere so I begun to shop like crazy with about a month or less left until Halloween. I walked into Wet Seal and went to their clearance rack and saw the perfect green dress that was only 6 or 7 bucks. (This sell had begun my Wet Seal obsession).

Then after that I went and got leaves from the Crafts store (or Walmart) for about 2 or 3 bucks. I cut off come of the leaves and glued them onto the dress, then I left the rest on the vine it came on and I wrapped one on my right arm, and left leg. Then I got into the makeup and dyed my hair red.

Everyone seemed to love it when I walked in the party with my Poison Ivy Costume at my friends.

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