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Coolest Play-Doh Costume 2

by Angela Comer
(Rockfield, KY)

Play-Doh Costume

Play-Doh Costume

I plan to help out with my son's first grade Halloween party at school and I wanted to come up with a costume that was recognizable and yet friendly. Both of my son's love making things with Play-Doh, so the idea came pretty easily.

It was also fairly easy to create the costume. I cut out two circles from some cardboard boxes in the garage, then cut out holes in the middle of both for my head to easily fit through. I purchased two yards of yellow felt fabric, one yard of purple fleece, and a large piece of red felt.

I measured and sewed the seam of the yellow fabric then I hot-glued the cut-out red felt shape onto the front. I used white fabric paint for the lettering and let it dry overnight.
Next, I hot-glued the top of the yellow felt to the top of one of the cardboard circles. I also hot-glued the purple fleece to the top of the other cardboard circle. I made sure to wrap the fleece around inside the neck hole so it wouldn't be uncomfortable. Then I hot-glued the two circles together to "put the top on" the Play-Doh can.

I then decided to put an old hula-hoop at the bottom to keep the round shape. I spot-stitched it at intervals to keep it on. Last, I cut out arm holes and that is it.

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by: Cathy&Hal

Angela, You are awesomely talented. We are always amazed at all your creations. You are also a super MOM to 2 special boys. Way to go.

by: Teresa

That costume is so cute!!! You need to go into the sewing business!! I hope you also wear it out trick-or-treating Halloween night. I think you need to make the boys and Jason an outfit just like it but different colors. Okay I know Spiderman would still be #1 with someone! Hope you win this contest!!

by: Kathy Rogers

The Play Doh costume is very original and looks like the real thing! Great idea and she did a fabulous job putting it together.

This is awesome...
by: Whitney

i think i'm going to use your basic idea...i am making a pepsi can for my haloween dog is going to be the straw...i am going to buy a baby onsie and make it into a costume for her...and i was trying to think of how i'd do my pepsi can costume...thanks

WOW! highly impressed! great job
by: Michelle

wow great job, I plan on using this idea for college sports day but changing purple to blue because our house colour is blue. I was wondering how you got the logo so perfect? is there an easy way of doing it?

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Coolest Homemade Play Doh Costume 4

by Kristie
(Butler, PA, USA)

Homemade Play Doh Costume

Homemade Play Doh Costume

I wanted to be creative and my son loves Play-Doh. It was actually his idea. So we began by buying a bucket that we spray-painted yellow. The bucket was also primered first. I cut the emblem out of felt and attached it to the bucket.

I changed the weight to whatever each child weighed. I also changed the guidelines for ages to reflect each child's age. I bought a piece of fleece (the color of Play-Doh he wanted to be) and Velcroed it to the inside of the bucket, making sure that he could get his arms out. For her I just made a purple fleece blanket.

The bottom of the bucket was removed so that he could walk in the costume. This piece we then spray painted the Play-Doh color, painted it just like the actual lid, and attached it to a tossel cap.

We also made his little 6 month sister a homemade Play Doh costume. This was great for Mom and Dad because we just carried her around in her bucket. They were so cute and very warm. I loved these costumes. It was funny to watch people as they walked passed my 6 month old, because they did not realize until they passed her that there was a baby inside the bucket.

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Coolest Play Doh Costume

by kristen
(Windham, Maine)

Homemade Play Doh Costume

Homemade Play Doh Costume

I work at a daycare and we are required to dress up for Halloween every year. It's a secret competition between all the teachers to see who can come up with the best costume. The hardest part is, it has to be something the kids will recognize.

The materials needed;
-large collapsible hamper
-3 1/2 yards yellow fabric
-fabric paint (red, blue, black, white)
-large sewing elastic
-yellow pants, bright colored shirt

Steps to make it;

1. Paint the Play-Doh logo in the center of yellow fabric. Allow to dry.

2. Cut a slit in the bottom of the hamper, you'll want it to be worn upside down.

3. When paint is dry, sew or pin the yellow fabric all the way around and under the hamper. Leave extra on top to cover your body.

4. Sew in the elastic so it stays snug around your body.

5. Simply put on your yellow pants and shirt and slip into your Play-Doh container!

hint if you feel it will be easier, you can also cut slits in the side for arm wholes and wear it higher, I wouldn't have been able to work with kids, however so i chose to have my arms out of the costume.

Good Luck!

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Coolest Play-Doh Costume 3

by Megan

Homemade Play-Doh Costume

Homemade Play-Doh Costume

My daughter is 13 and we always come up with creative Halloween customs, so we thought about a Play-Doh Costume.

The first thing we did was found a garbage can, and spray painted it yellow. Next we cut out the bottom of the can to use as the top of the Play-Doh (you could just use the top of the garbage can already). I painted it green (any color). Then I glued a head band to the inside of the top so it would stay on her head. A glue gun works best I found.

Then we found a and plain white shirt and got fabric spray paint and sprayed it the same color as the top,green. Lastly we got elastic suspenders and clipped them onto the back and under her shirt to hold the can up.

This was very simple and a great idea! My daughter, even though 13, still had a really fun time wearing it! I really recommend this to anyone who wants a fast and easy Halloween costume.

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