Making the Words E-Bowl-La Teletubbies Costume:

  • For this E-Bowl-La costume I took plastic bowls and wrote Es on them using a Sharpie marker.
  • I glued lace straps to the bowls so I could wear them.
  • I wrapped wire in lace and bent it into the shape of a bolt like La’s antennae and glued that to the top of the hat bowl.
  • I wore as much yellow as I owned since La from Teletubbies is yellow, fashioned a tummy TV from aluminum foil, drew on the ebola strain, and affixed that to my shirt. Voila!

I got a lot of laughs when people figured out what I was. It was comfortable, cheap, and not overtly sexualized! I didn’t enter any contests with it (other than this one). I just had fun.