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Coolest Homemade Pirate Princess Costume 18

by Jackie R.
(Houston TX)

Homemade Pirate Princess Costume

Homemade Pirate Princess Costume

Jozlyn is 3 years old. She loves pirates, princesses, pink, and black; so I decided to design and make her a Pirate Princess costume. She loves it and wants to wear it every day. One benefit of making your own costume is that it can be worn daily and survive even playgrounds.

The pettiskirt was made with 60 yards of nylon chiffon and requires a lot of patience. I made the corset and lined the back with rows of elastic to allow it to fit a child of any size. The hat is made from a black knitted beanie with a felt brim sewn on. I then tacked the hat up at 3 points to make the triangular captain’s hat. I attached a flower made from leftover ruffles and added a jewel to the center. I got lucky and found the tights at Wal-Mart. Striped tights are very hard to find but can be found online for $10 and up.

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make one
by: Anonymous

How much would you charge to make one?

by: Jackie

It takes a little over a full Day to make and the cost of fabric.

by: Val

The chiffon skirt alone is a pain to make and costs a good little fortune!

by: KimD

Super Cute, LOVE it!! Did you have a pattern for the corset?

love the pirate princess costme
by: kelsey

what would it cost without the pettiskirt? i have a red pettiskirt and wanted to make a pirate costume with it. That's how i found yours. sooooo cute i know i could never do that good of a job.

by: Dawn


Thank you
by: Mopppy

What a brilliant costume

How much?
by: Anonymous

I would like to have one can I contact you?

Do You Know Where I Can Find...
by: DivaWeava

Hello! I absolutely LOVE the costume that you made! Do you know where I can find patterns for the skirt, shirt, and corset? I know that you said you made them, and probably made up your own patterns. However, I am new to sewing, and patterns are helpful. Do you know of any similar patterns that may be available commercially? Thanks so much! (0:

pirate pole dancer
by: Anonymous

looks a little trampy for a child costume.

great job
by: Anonymous

This is a beutiful costume and i hope mine comes out as beutiful.

Thank You
by: Jackie

I designed the costume with no pattern, but think of the corset as a "tube top" with elastic on the back half in 4 to 6 rows (depending on size) Decorate the front before sewing the 2 halves together. Hope this helps.

How much to make
by: L.Scott

Hello,how much would you charge to make this costume. My daughter will turn 3 in Feb 2013. The theme is pirate princess.

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Coolest Pirates Pierogies Costumes

by David J.
(Pittsburgh, PA )

Jalapeño Hanna and Sauerkraut Saul Costumes

Jalapeño Hanna and Sauerkraut Saul Costumes

My wife and I wanted to dress up in costumes that we’ve never seen before so we decided to be the Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogies. When most people think about the Pittsburgh Pirates mascot they immediately think Pirate Parrot, but there are four others who should receive recognition.

During the 6th inning intermission, four Pierogies race through the city of Pittsburgh and finish down the first base line in PNC Park. The four pierogies are Jalapeño Hanna, Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul and Oliver Onion. We constructed these costumes by utilizing cardboard, fabric, stuffing and plenty of glue. We created small windows in our costumes so that we could eat, drink and talk without taking off our costumes. We incorporated Velcro so that we could open and close these windows at will.

As an entirety, these two costumes only cost us $50. These costumes were the hit of our party and we’re confident that they can be the hit at yours.

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Pierogie Costume
by: Kim

My 10 year old daughter wants to be Hanna and her friend Sal...Was wondering if you rent the costumes or can I pay you to make them?

by: Anonymous

These look absolutely fantastic - you did a great job!

by: Anonymous

My daughter and her friend want to be Sal and Hannah for Halloween. Would you rent the costumes to me..

making the costume
by: Amy

can you describe me in detail of how the costumes were made...we would like to make similar ones...these costumes are awesome!!!!

Can I borrow/rent your Hanna costume?
by: Heather

Hi Guys! Amazing work on the perogie costumes! I have a little girl's birthday party coming up - all pirates theme (7th inning stretch, perogie races for the kids, ballpark food, etc.) and she wants more than anything for Hanna to show up! Is there any way I can rent or borrow your costume for a day?

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Pirates Costume 11

by Jeane Small
(New Castle, PA )

Pirates Costume

Pirates Costume

We were invited to a pirate party in West Virgina. We dressed before we left and stopped at a rest stop on the way. What a hoot!

The Pirate costumes were made from a stop at the thrift store then the dollar store. Stripped shirts and dark pants were on the list. Cut jagged edges and Wal-Mart pirate scarves, beads and tattoos. My costume was a left over from when the kids were small. Fake teeth and a legging with wood like drawings completed the outfit.

Total Spent: $40

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Coolest Homemade Dead Pirate 15

by Melissa B.
(Clyde, TX)

Homemade Dead Pirate

Homemade Dead Pirate

My 8 yr old daughter Katelynn just couldn't wait to try this Homemade Dead Pirate on. Just a bunch of shredded clothes. I made a crocheted chain brown wig for the stringy hair look, liquid latex and toilet paper with the usual face paint, plastic bubba teeth and a spray bottle of blood, cobweb and a few spiders and a little imagination and "wala' your ordinary dead pirate zombie.

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