This is Jasmine driving her big rig truck that was made out of several cardboard boxes, paint, Styrofoam cones and circle for the steering wheel. She loves playing trucks with all the boys and her Papa has drove one for many years so I decided to make her one for Halloween. I used lots of hot glue to keep it all together. The hardest part was making the 5th wheel in which I just pieced together cardboard and glued it. Then I painted it. The wheels and accents were made out of paper plates and poster board. The truck was a little too short for the straps on the inside to reach her shoulders so while trick or treating we cut a hole in the top for her to fit through and she was able to hold it much better. The kids and parents loved it when she walked by and she loved the attention her costume got! It was a great Halloween!!!!! Her Papa was so proud of the costume and showes her picture off to everyone!