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Coolest Pet Costume 20

by Melanye
(Memphis, TN)

A bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

A bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

I took a large plastic bag (the ones made for gift wrapping baskets) and cut two holes in it for my dog's front feet. Then I reinforced the holes with felt circles. I cut the end of the bag off so that the costume could be slid on to my dog.

To keep this pet costume on I used ribbon. I weaved it through both ends of the bag and one ties around her waste, the other ties around her neck. Then I stuffed the bag full of "jelly beans" or balloons. I used the balloons that they use to make balloon animals. I would blow it up a little and then tie it off on both ends and cut the "bean" off, then I'd repeat. Each individual balloon gave me 4-5 beans. Then I hand painted speckles on the balloons to resemble real Jelly Belly jelly beans.

For the hat, I used the excess from the bag. I cut out a strip of black construction paper and stapled it into a circular form. Then I stapled plastic pieces all around it. Then I stapled ribbon around to make it pretty. You could also use glue, but staples are more secure.

I printed off Jelly Belly logo and glued it to the inside of the back of the bag. That's it!

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How sweet!
by: Anonymous

That was really clever what was done with the
balloons! The jelly belly costume would
definitely bring a smile to others.

jelly belly
by: Anonymous

that is the coolest, cleverest costume EVER!!!!

by: LuLu

I was wondering what to have my shih-tzu wear for Halloween, and this is adorable and absolutely perfect! thanks for the amazing idea :)

by: Terri

This is one of the funniest costumes I have ever seen (on a dog, that is!) Adorable!

OMG cute!
by: T

My puppies name is Jelly Bean, I think he'll be adorable as a bag of jelly beans!

by: Anonymous

OMIGOSH SO FUNNY! But how am I supposed to dress up my pet fish?

by: Anonymous

awww thats cute!

The Best Costume Ever!
by: Anonymous

I made this costume for my dog. It's great! I thought he would eat the plastic bag, but he didn't. I would recommend this costume to anyone!

by: Anonymous

AWW!! Thats adorable!!!

by: Anonymous

Im going to be a JellyBean bag with my friend for Halloween.

by: Anonymous

My birthdays on halloween so my mom is making my dog a costume because me and my sister are to old to dress up, and this is so cute!

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Coolest Dog Pooh Costume 13

by Susan Perry
(Matinsville, In USA)

Dog Pooh Costume

Dog Pooh Costume

Every year, we take our children camping for Halloween. The campground has a Halloween contest and trick or treating and all kinds of fun things to do. We decided last year to take our dog with us and therefore had to come up with a costume at the last minute.

We had a Winnie the Pooh one piece pajamas that 2 of my children wore when they were little. I cut it down the back and attached a red fabric cape to hide her body. Her front legs went in the leg openings and the arms I pinned together holding a pumpkin bucket. She was the hit of the weekend.

We also entered her in our local Fall Foilage festival and she won the dog costume contest.
This is a great way to recycle and reuse! Molly loved her Dog Pooh costume and all the attention she got wearing it. Her wooden plaque hangs on the wall of our home just like the awards the children have received. Don't buy new or throw out. Think of clever ways to use your items in a new way.

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Coolest Homemade Dog Costume 22

by Jennifer

Homemade Dog Costume

Homemade Dog Costume

Our Pug's Grandma came up with the idea to turn an Old Navy baby costume, a bat, into a Homemade Dog Costume.

We simply added a coat hanger to the wings through a small hole so that they would stand up. Then we ironed on the words "Bat Pug" on the back down the middle. We could have put some elastic in it and added some more special touches but I wanted to keep it simple.

The coat hangers worked awesome because if they got smushed by a door or wall we could just straighten them back out.

We fortunately get to take Lucky trick or treating at a place nearby that has a day just for dogs that want to get "candy." We get to take him door to door and collect yummy treats. He loves it and this year we get to take our new pug only one year old which should be exciting.

It was a cute costume and we could have kept editing and adding but we kept it simple and he looked awesome!

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cute! Gave me an idea for another costume
by: Anonymous

Just remove the bat ears and you have a swimming penguin.

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Coolest Homemade Pet Dog Costumes 28

by Lanie M.
(Denver, Colorado)

Homemade Pet Dog Costumes

Homemade Pet Dog Costumes

The Cat in the Hat is one of the most loved books by children and adults ever written by Dr. Seuss,
Thing One and Thing Two are funny characters that create fun for the readers as Thing One and Thing Two run out of the box and want to shake hands and say "How do you do"?

Please enjoy YOGI and BUDDAH in their Homemade Pet Dog Costumes.

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by: Another pug caregiver

Beautiful puggies. Surprised you were able to have them wear something on their heads. Our pug wouldn't go for that.

Best wishes..

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