The idea was spurred by a running joke about Jellyfish with a friend. Everytime we see eachother we touch the tips of ours fingers and say “jelly zzzt” and zap eachother. I can’t even remember why that started. I made the skeleton out of PVC pipe from Home Depot by marking and drilling holes all the way around and using tape to make it extra secure. This was the hardest part. I had to and drill at measured intervals through the PVC without breaking it, insert shorter thinner measured pieces of PVC into the lower ring, bend the lower ring into a circle, and then connect the thinner PVC with the upper ring (neck); all without breaking it. I managed after much dilegence and sweat. I took a break for a while. Later I got blanket stuffing and wrapped the skeleton in it. Next I found the perfect pink sheet at goodwill and sewed it over the whole thing, inside and out. This was more difficult than anticipated. I didn’t want to have any seams running down the outside which required much manipulation of the fabric, laying it over the outside and cutting a hole for my head. I had to dart the fabric all the way around the lower ring and the upper ring and stitched and super glued the edges around the upper and lower rings. The result was a perfectly round, soft dome; no PVC showing, no seams showing. I then sewed (and stapled for good measure) tentacles made of pink feathery string. I wore pink tights, a purple thermal shirt, a purple fluffy skirt for the inside layers, and got clip on lights that I put on every other tentacle and in my hair. I would have put them on every tentacle but it was starting to get too expensive. I spent more making my costume over a period of time than I probably would have just purchasing one. But my costume was unique and the result of hard work that I’m proud of! I wore it on halloween and walked around in the town center, swishing my tentacles. People came up and told me it was the best costume they’d seen all night! Other people said I should enter it in a contest, so I am. It’s a good thing it’s easy to take on and off; everyone wanted to touch it and see how I made it!